Prosecution Report

Case Dispositions

Felony criminal cases are resolved in a number of ways including trials, guilty pleas, diversion programs, remand, and dismissal.  In calendar year 2023, the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office resolved 989 felony cases, encompassing a total of 1,480 counts.  The following charts illustrate how these cases were resolved.


Success at trial is paramount for the District Attorney’s Office. The District Attorney’s Office relies on trial successes to maintain public trust, foster a sense of security, and affirm its commitment to seeking justice for victims. Furthermore, courtroom victories can impact the overall effectiveness of the office, influencing plea negotiations and facilitating cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Success at trial is, therefore, not only a legal achievement but a cornerstone in building a safer and more just community.

In 2023, the District Attorney’s Office brought 24 cases to trial.  While the District Attorney’s Office is responsible for the prosecution of a case, the ability to bring a case to trial is controlled by a number of factors including the trial judge’s decision as to when a trial will be set. The following graph shows the number of trials that took place in each courtroom in 2023.

Of the 24 cases brought to trial; 14 resulted in guilty verdicts; 15 resulted in a guilty pleas entered after commencement of the trial; 7 resulted in mistrials;[1] and 3 resulted in acquittals.

It is also instructive to evaluate the nature of the cases that are brought to trial. As noted above, a single case, or indictment, often charges more than one felony count. Therefore, while 24 cases were brought to trial, those cases ultimately charged a total of 34 felony counts, which included 13 homicides, 12 violent crimes, and 5 sex crimes.  The following graph shows the type of felonies brought to trial in 2023.

[1] A mistrial can occur for various reasons. Most often, a mistrial is due to the jury being unable to reach a unanimous verdict. Trials which result in a mistrial are able to be retried.'