Office of the District Attorney

Mississippi flag outside of Hinds County Courthouse

The District Attorney’s Office for the Seventh Judicial District prosecutes all felony cases in Hinds County which includes Jackson, Mississippi’s Capital and Seat of Government, as well as Raymond, Utica, Byram, Clinton, Terry, Edwards, Bolton, and Learned. Our office handles 2,000 cases per year. The court docket consists of all indicated felony cases and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Crimes against the person, which includes violent crimes; sex crimes, and gun violence;
  • Property crimes;
  • Crimes affecting children, such as child abuse and child sex crimes;
  • Crimes against the State and County;
  • Crimes involving public officials and public corruption;
  • Elections crimes;
  • Crimes affecting commerce and business, including fraud;
  • Crimes affecting Public Health;
  • Crimes affecting public safety;
  • Crimes involving cruelty to animals;
  • Racketeering;
  • Computer crimes & identity theft.

Because of it’s jurisdiction over Jackson, the State Capital, where most government agencies are headquartered, the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office also has jurisdiction over white collar crimes and crimes invovling public corruption. Presently, the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting one of the largest embezzlement schemes State history.

Seal of the Hinds County District Attorney

The District Attorney leads a team of Assistant District Attorneys, criminal investigators, program coordinators, and support staff. From the headquarters office at the Hinds County Courthouse in downtown Jackson, and from various satellite offices around the county, the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes cases from the following agencies: Office of the State Auditor, Department of Revenue, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson State University, Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson, Raymond, Utica, Byram, Clinton, Terry, Edwards, Bolton, and Learned Police Departments, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, and all surrounding law enforcement agencies.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to respect all individuals and to treat victims with courtesy, respect, and compassion. We target the crimes that matter most while striving to protect the rights of everyone who comes into contact with the criminal justice system. Most importantly we want to prevent and limit the revictimization of victims and their families in any way possible. We seek to apply innovative policies that work to end mass incarceration and correct the wrongs of the past. Our system is based on being transparent, ethical, and prosecuting with integrity.'