Annual Report

It is my pleasure to release the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office’s Annual Report for 2023.  This was a critical year for the continued success and growth of the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office.  We worked with the Mississippi Legislature and the Hinds County Board of Supervisors to bring more resources and crime-fighting tools to Hinds County.  As a result of those efforts, on July 1, 2023, the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office added additional prosecutors and criminal investigators.  We also partnered with the City of Jackson and the Jackson Police Department to receive grant funding aimed toward programming that will reduce gun violence in the capital city. 

We saw an increase in indictments, convictions, and resolutions.  For the first time in our four-year term, we saw a decrease in homicides from the previous year.  Likewise, more first-time, non-violent offenders benefited from Smart Justice programs such as Pre-trial Intervention and Drug Court.

Additionally, our expungement division and newly launched re-entry program are helping citizens receive a fresh start. We implemented a new case management system, Prosecutor by Karpel, that has modernized the way this office prosecutes crime, enabling the office to more efficiently and effectively move criminal cases from indictment to resolution.

         The Hinds County District Attorney’s Office is committed to transparency and strives to keep our communities informed about criminal justice in Hinds County. By providing the community with insights into the types of crimes being prosecuted, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to accountability and openness and to reinforce the fundamental notion that justice is administered fairly in Hinds County and in the best interest of public welfare.

Overall, the information in this report demonstrates the hard work and dedication of the  Hinds County District Attorney’s Office to make Hinds County a safer place to live and work. With the help of our local and State law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, and most importantly, our citizenry, we will continue to build safer communities throughout Hinds County.