Public Corruption & White-Collar Crime Division

The prevention of corruption is essential not only to make government work for its intended purpose, ensuring that public officials are using their office to further the public interest and not to enrich themselves or others, but also to preserve public confidence in our system of government.

The jurisdiction of the Hinds County District Attorney includes Jackson, the State Capital, where nearly all State Agencies are headquartered. The Hinds County District Attorney created the Public Corruption & White-Collar Crime Division to combat government fraud, waste, and abuse. Often, the cases prosecuted are referred to the District Attorney’s Office from State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies such as the Office of the State Auditor, Mississippi Department of Revenue, among others.

The Division is comprised of a team experienced prosecutors and investigators who have extensive knowledge in handling complex criminal cases. The team focuses its efforts on public corruption, fraud, bribery, and embezzlement.

The Division also prosecutes  individuals who use fraudulent business practices or a position of authority to deceive citizens and illegally take their money through complex financial schemes.

Between 2020 and 2022, the Hinds County District Attorney secured the convictions of former Department of Human Services (DHS) Executive Director, John Davis, and the other primary offenders, in one of the largest embezzlement schemes in Mississippi history.

Likewise, in 2022, the Office secured the convictions of Sudie Jones and Cedric Cornelus for their role in the 2020 Hinds County Election Commission bribery and fraud case.

For more information about the White-Collar Crime and Public Corruption Division, contact Chief Assistant District Attorney Jamie McBride at or call (601) 968-6568.'