DA Owens Holds Year-in-Review Press Conference

On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, DA Jody Owens held an end of year press conference to discuss the office’s successes in 2022, and the anticipated challenges to come in 2023. Watch the press conference and follow the coverage below.

Year in Review: Comparing the Numbers

Grand Jury Action: 2,067 Counts Presented

When the police or other law enforcement agency makes a felony arrest, the case is submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for presentation to the Hinds County Grand Jury. The Grand Jury is charged with either indicting the individual for the crime charged or returning a “no-bill.” An indictment is the formal charging instrument that charges the individual with the crime and is the first step in the prosecutorial process.

In 2022, the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office presented 2,067 felony counts to the Hinds County Grand Jury, which returned 1,879 indictments.

Felony Cases Resolved: 1,017 Cases, 1,489 Counts

In calendar year 2022, the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office represented the citizens of Hinds County in 1,017 felony criminal prosecutions, putting a significant dent in the backlog caused by the pandemic.

Smart Justice

The Hinds Count District Attorney’s Office is committed to Smart Justice, evaluating every case in terms of the best result for both the victim and the community.  To accomplish this goal, the Office puts special emphasis on pretrial programs aimed at reducing recidivism and making victims whole. The District Attorney’s Office is also instrumental in assisting citizens, who have paid their debt to society, to expunge eligible convictions. 

For more information about the Hinds County District Attorney’s Office, please call (601) 968-6568.

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